Agricultural Systems

Precision Ag Integration

We are the integration leader in the precision agriculture industry, and we focus on simplifying the process for data integration, which enables software developers to focus on doing what they do best and encourages the industry to develop new and innovative ways to produce more for less. We work with our clients and partners to create a future of agriculture in which software is more easily integrated, allowing for seamless data flow.

Middleware Experts

When you talk with us, you’ll learn very quickly what we do and what we don’t do. We are experts in middleware and get really excited about the power that our solutions have. Our flagship middleware solution, Onsite, translates proprietary file formats into a common file format of your choice, transfers data from equipment in the field using a USB drive, and dramatically increase your software’s connectivity using only one connection through APIs.

More simply put:

  • We’re the pipes of the system–not the faucet or well.
  • Onsite is not a Farm Management Information System (FMIS).
  • We aren’t in the business of storing or analyzing data.
  • Onsite is the middleware connection that moves your data between your platforms.
  • If Onsite isn’t the right choice, we’re also experts at building custom solutions.

Empowering Our Clients

The core of our work is to simplify data workflows and empower developers, who in turn make the critical tools for the precision agriculture industry. We aim to advance the precision ag industry through seamless, worry-free integration solutions, and we work with a wide variety of clients in the industry. Our primary customers include:

  • Independent software vendors
  • Agricultural retailers
  • Crop consultants
  • Equipment and input manufacturers
  • Equipment dealers
  • Crop insurers

We value the precision agriculture industry and the relationships we have built. We consider ourselves friends of the industry and would love to talk to you about how we can help solve your challenges.

We are the pipes of the system, not the faucet or the well.

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If you are interested in learning more about working with us, feel free to reach out to start a conversation.

Expanding & Enabling

Our international presence is growing. With clients spanning five continents, we are empowering clients all over the world to use their data to innovate the precision ag industry.


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