Our Core Values

With us, it’s about you. 

As an independent software consulting and technology partner, AGI works with you to accomplish your vision of building and customizing your precision ag apps and ag information management systems. At our core, we believe in promoting the development of innovative precision ag technologies and empowering the people using these technologies on a daily basis. Advancing precision ag adoption, in turn, increases yields and benefits the industry as a whole.



Companies from across the industry seek us out because we are a neutral resource with diverse industry experience.


Our skilled and nimble project teams can quickly adapt and adjust as the market shifts and your information management strategies inevitably change.


Our clients continue working with us because we consistently deliver industry-leading solutions and because of our customer-driven focus.

Leading Precision Ag Integration

Within the industry of precision ag, we are the integration leader and focus on enabling software developers and vendors of all sorts. We can do this because our solutions are not competing with your products in the marketplace but instead positioned to improve your efficiency and capabilities. Our independence is important to our mission and one of the most valuable assets to our clients. It allows us to work with clients in virtually every segment of the ag industry, and it lets us build and foster relationships with software and hardware vendors creating an environment of collaboration and integration.

Our independence is important to our mission.

Our History in the Industry

Since 2007, we have been working with clients to complete visions for an array of precision ag data management products and services.


"We aren't interested in being another name playing by their own rules. Our interest is promoting an industry that works together where integration is no longer a competitive advantage, but a necessity.”

— Mike Santostefano Vice President of Business Development