Software Developers

We partner with software developers who need data integration solutions and workflows to enable the development of their own tools. Like all software in this industry, products are only valuable if they are reliable and relevant to the needs of the industry.

Your team all wants the same goal, but often there are hurdles that impede productivity such as:

  • Disconnect between technical and business teams.
  • Product compatibility with other technologies.
  • Analysis of solutions (develop in-house vs. outsource).
  • Vendor validation and trust.

We help teams across the industry do their best work.

With Us It's About You

Your team is knowledgable, agile, and dedicated to your products. AGI specializes in integration and the tools that can improve your productivity. It's as simple as that.

Improve Project Outcomes

We're middleware experts. Let us help you keep your projects on time and on budget.

Experience Ease of Use

We've been doing this a long time. Our APIs just work--and that's the way it should be.

Build Relationships

When you build a better product, it impacts your bottom line. It changes your position in the market.

Easy Software Solutions

Software developers need quick, easy solutions for collecting data from the equipment clouds. They also want to reduce connection time to multiple equipment clouds and the maintenance required to support the connections.

Onsite includes APIs to manage and maintain multiple connections, and we work with clients to handle their own individual data workflow needs. We provide tools for field data delivery to software solutions, allowing development teams to focus on their own product development, rather than field data collection and translation.

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Files Processed to Date

Take Control of Your Projects

Is building an integrated solution taking too much time away from your core projects? Do you need a reliable solution that will enable your team to thrive?