Precision Ag Industry

AGI serves many different areas of the precision agriculture industry with a reputation as a neutral developer focusing on integration solutions, rather than developing proprietary formats and systems.

We solve many of the challenges that you and your teams are dealing with every day such as:

  • Equipment and software data formats are inconsistent and proprietary.
  • Current data workflows require double-entry.
  • Agribusinesses continue to use multiple systems that do not talk to each other.
  • Competition between the major players creates a barrier to integration.
  • Current solution providers don’t prioritize industry needs, only business needs.

Our aim is integration, not industry competition.

With Us, It's About You

Here's how we're helping industry professionals work through precision ag challenges. Our solutions touch a lot of systems and empower a lot of people.

Ag Retailers

Our tools allow for data collection and movement. We help clients build their own tools in addition to custom development projects.

Crop Consultants

We're relied on for custom development and APIs for data collection and file translation.

Input Manufacturers

We're relied on for custom development and APIs.

Equipment Manufacturers

Our APIs allow translation from competitive file formats.

Equipment Dealers

Our APIs allow translation from competitive file formats.

Crop Insurers

Our tools enable data collection that allow data viewing within a client's own tools.

Evolving Ag Technology

Our vision is to create data integration services that enable the acceleration of technology innovation through connections, communication, and adoption in global agriculture. We developed Onsite as a set of solutions to precision ag industry’s challenges: Onsite provides a translation of proprietary file formats into a designated, common file format and integrates data streams to create efficiencies and eliminate the need for double data entry.

We’re not aiming to create another proprietary file format or system that competes with others in the industry. Our aim is integration, not competition.


Files processed per day during peak season


Files processed to date


Are you wasting your valuable time processing precision ag data? Are things like double entry and multi-platform data management giving you a headache?



Arva Intelligence needed a way to translate data submitted from their clients from a wide range of proprietary formats into one common format that their engine could use.


The client implemented our Field Data Adapter APIs to convert harvester/as-applied/as-planted files into a common output format that they specified.


As a result, Arva Intelligence avoided reconfiguring their system to ingest new or additional file formats.


"At AGI we are constantly innovating and building relationships in the industry, meanwhile staying true to our mission—to empower our clients to use their data. We're proud of our ability to remain relevant in this ever-changing industry."

— Dan Wolfe Director of Technology