Onsite: Integrating Precision Agriculture Technologies

Onsite is a robust, out-of-the-box solution to complement and improve the efficiency of the precision agriculture software products you deploy. Onsite APIs streamline the collection and translation of as-applied, as-planted, and yield files, facilitate the transfer of prescription files to equipment in the field, and centrally organize/share files.

We like to say that Onsite is the pipes, not the faucet or the well. It is not a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) and does not store or analyze your data. Onsite is the middleware connection that moves your precision agriculture data between your platforms and enables your precision ag software products, technologies, and workflows.

AGI is 100% focused on empowering and enabling the best technologies in the precision ag industry and the people that use them. Find out how we can empower your software.

We like to say that Onsite is the pipes, not the faucet or the well.

Onsite Features & Enabling Technologies

Field Data Adaptor

Translate proprietary file formats into a common output format.

Field Data Exchange

Collect and transfer data from multiple vendors with just one API.

Field Data Messenger

Easily upload data from a USB to your storage solution.

Lab Data Adaptor

Manage multiple lab integrations with one API.

Field Data Reference

Access critical, up-to-date industry information.

Easy File Conversion

Do you want to keep up with all of the precision ag data formats? With our API services, you can focus on your roadmap.

Save Time & Money

There is no question our APIs will save you time and at our price point, it just makes sense.

One-Stop Data Transfer

We hook you up to precision ag software including support for mixed fleet data multiple providers.

How Do I Get Started?

We believe choosing the right solution and getting started should be as hassle-free as possible. See what your onboarding will look like.