Translate and Move Your Data with One Connection

The Onsite APIs enable your data workflows and solve critical problems for software development. Translate proprietary file formats into a common output format. Collect and transfer data from multiple vendors with just one API. Easily upload data from field equipment to your storage solution. Manage Multiple Lab Integrations with one API. Access critical, up-to-date industry information.


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Translate Proprietary Files into a Common Output

We get it: you want to develop software that works across proprietary file formats, but you need a common output format. Currently, converting one file format into another has to be done manually, which is time-consuming and inefficient. This poses a huge problem for Software Developers in particular. Our Field Data Adapter removes this barrier for you by automating the translation of proprietary file formats into a common output format that can be used in decision-making tools. The translation work is accomplished by two APIs:

  • Field Data Adapter - Yield Converter translates harvester files.
  • Field Data Adapter - As-Planted/As-Applied Converter translates application and planting files.
  • Field Data Adapter - Controller Generator translates your prescriptions into controller formats.
The result is a common file format that you can specify, tailored to your needs and your workflows, not another file format standard to keep up with.


Collect and Transfer Data with Just One API

Rather than connecting your software individually to each of your vendors, our Field Data Exchange API saves you time and money by allowing you to collect and transfer data with just one connection. This telematics API is the pipes of the system, moving data and streamlining your workflows with automated checks for new files with notifications to alert you when new files become available. The Field Data Exchange API supports connections to:

It allows the transfer of data including: prescriptions, harvest, planting, as-applied, and field boundaries. This API seamlessly integrates with the Field Data Adapter APIs to automatically translate data as it is downloaded from each connection.


Easily Send Data from Field Equipment

Field Data Messenger is a Windows Desktop installed utility that allows you to upload large files from a USB to any connected application. Think of Field Data Messenger as a “relay manager,” rather than a storage solution. Your data only passes through temporary storage on its way to your own storage.

Field Data Messenger works as a one-touch “easy button” for sending equipment data from a USB. It identifies agronomic data from equipment files, automatically zips the files, and marks the files on the USB to avoid sending duplicate files. It also provides an outbox feature to avoid failures due to loss of internet connectivity and lets you see your file transfer history.


Manage Multiple Lab Integrations with One API

Lab Data Adapter eliminates inconsistent data communication processes across soil/tissue labs by managing multiple lab integrations with one API connection. This streamlined connectivity enables a consistent process for interfacing with soil/testing labs. Supported labs include:

Lab Data Adapter also translates the various lab formats to a common output and sends you push notifications when results are available.


Industry Information You Need

Field Data Reference gives you access to a common reference database through Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS). This reference database provides the most up-to-date industry information such as seed information, including the manufacturer/brand, traits, and relative maturity or crop protection information including the manufacturer/brand, pesticide type, and EPA number.


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