About AGI

Agile, Experienced, Innovative

AGI is the leading company working in the ag integration space because we fully embrace consulting services. We provide agribusinesses and independent software vendors with out-of-the-box tools to get systems off the ground without the normal delays found with ground-up, do-it-all custom solutions. 

AGI started out in software development, making custom solutions for clients. Our Onsite suite of solutions grew out of working on these custom projects, as we saw consistent needs for these tools from one client to another. 

We still partner with clients on custom projects, and we also tailor the Onside suite to clients’ needs. We plan to develop Onsite to create data integration services that enable the acceleration of technology innovation through connections, communication, and adoption in global agriculture. 

One thing that has not changed is our belief in leveraging and enabling current technologies and empowering the people that use the technologies on a daily basis to advance precision ag adoption and in turn increase yields. Our vision is to shape the future of agriculture by making software more easily integrated, allowing for seamless data flow.

We are a neutral resource with diverse industry experience.

Since 2007, we have been working with clients to complete visions for an array of precision ag data management products and services.

Independent by Choice

Our independence is important to our mission and one of the most valuable assets to our clients. It allows us to work with clients in virtually every segment of the ag industry. And it lets us build and foster relationships with software and hardware vendors creating an environment of collaboration and integration instead of the fragmentation and lack of interoperability that has plagued the industry for years.

Companies from across the industry seek us out because we are a neutral resource with diverse industry experience. Our skilled and nimble project teams can quickly adapt and adjust as the market shifts and your information management strategies inevitably change. Our clients continue working with us because we consistently deliver industry-leading solutions.


Talented employees make up the AGI team.


"We aren't interested in being another name playing by their own rules. Our interest is promoting an industry that works together where integration is no longer a competitive advantage, but a necessity.”

— Mike Santostefano Vice President of Agriculture Data Exchange