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At our core, we are a team of experienced professionals who believe in connecting people with the data they use every day. To improve the precision agriculture industry, we respond quickly to market shifts and new strategies. We invite industry change and ride with it. We are innovative, accessible, and supportive of our clients. With an international footing, we are a trusted partner solving the complex data mobility and integration issues that affect our industry. Clients rely on us for customized solutions and for Onsite, a powerful suite of APIs. We believe integration matters, and making it the "gold-standard" is our priority.


Onsite: Integration Simplified

  • Save Time & Money

    There is no question our APIs will save you time and at our price point, it just makes sense.
  • Easy File Conversion

    Do you want to keep up with all of the precision ag data formats? With our API services, you can focus on your roadmap.
  • One-Stop Data Router

    We hook you up to precision ag software including support for mixed fleet data with multiple providers.

Field Data Adaptor

Translate proprietary file formats into a common output format.

Field Data Exchange

Collect and transfer data from multiple vendors with just one API.

Field Data Messenger

Easily upload data from a USB to your storage solution.

Lab Data Adaptor

Manage multiple lab integrations with one API.

Field Data Reference

Access critical, up-to-date industry information.

Custom Solutions

AgIntegrated designs, builds and manages more precision agriculture solutions than any other company and that is a track record we are proud of. Learn more about what we can do for you.

500 K

Files processed per day during peak season


Files processed to date


File types supported including agronomic data, Rx, boundaries, guidance lines, and FMIS exports


"AgIntegrated designs, builds and manages more precision agriculture solutions than any other company. That is a track record that we are proud of. We're known as the integration experts in the precision ag community."

— Josh O'Brien Sales Engineer